To be a leading global trading house by providing high-quality products and unparalleled service to help our customers achieve their aspirations

To always provide Holistic solutions & the Best Products to our customers in the domain of generation, transmission, distribution & utilization of electrical energy.


You Win We Win !

Our journey commenced as Upadrashta and Sons – a family-owned businessin 1957 started by U. M. Rao. It originally dealt exclusively with motors and has since expanded and evolved. Win Win Distribution Pvt Ltd has since forayed into gearboxes, pumps, drives and lighting, by entering strategic partnerships with leading Indian and European manufacturers.


You win. We win.

Our values

Values are the core of any sustainable Organization and the driving force for its people at all levels. The ideology for WIN WIN’s businesses emanates from its 5 Values of:

These Values articulate the basic behaviours that every employee is expected to display in business situations and these form the core principles for all actions.

Our employees understand the significance of WIN WIN Values, and follow them in letter and spirit

OUR Philosophy

At Win Win Distribution Pvt. Ltd. we wear our core philosophy on our name. We win only if our customer wins.

We constantly improvise and keep ourselves updated with the best products and accurate solutions so as to make business with us a great experience for you.

We strive to make sure that our customers feel satisfied with our service.

Success being a continuous journey rather than a place we look forward to arrive in, we deeply appreciate your valuable business and would thoroughly enjoy walking with you in this journey if you are a prospective customer.

Our Leadership

Vasanthi M Vadi, Managing Director

Vasanthi M Vadi, Managing Director

Mrs.Vasanthi Vadi is the Managing Director of the Win-Win Distribution Pvt Ltd. At just 17 years of age, she took over the reins of the company in an industry that is majorly dominated by men. In her tenure, the company has seen a multifold increase in revenues & remarkable stability. She made this possible by aggressive expansion be it in product portfolio or geographical presence. She infused the philosophy of 'You Win, We Win' in her team, thus aiding long-lasting relations with suppliers as well as customers over the last 30 years.

She is also credited with having started Hyderabad’s first Animal Rights / Welfare group called Abhaya in 1989. She is currently the President of PFA(People for Animals Hyderabad) and also a Working Committee member of the Blue Cross of Hyderabad & FIAPO(Federation of Indian Animals Protection Organisation).

Siddharth M Vadi, Director

Siddharth M Vadi, Director

Siddarth Vadi is the Director of Win-Win Distribution Pvt Ltd. He is a lawyer and an entrepreneur. He leads the Sales & Digital Strategy at Win Win Distribution. Under his leadership, the company forged new strategic partnerships. He led company-wide digital interventions through online platforms and systems to help provide smooth customer interaction and enhance data-led decisionmaking for the business.

He has an avid interest in geopolitics and a penchant for traveling. He has visited all seven continents of the world. He is also an Animal Lover and uses his free time to help the animals. He is an Executive Committee Member at People for Animals-Hyderabad.