• • “Variable Speed” means the change of the speed of a driven machine in running condition. The ELECON Variable Fill Scoop Fluid Coupling is therefore located between a constant speed motor and driven machine.
  • • In today’s world where the natural resources are depleting with considerable speed, sensible use and conservation of these is the need of the hour-‘conservation of natural resources’ has become the Global concern. Modern technology also has not lagged behind in this war; constant endeavors are being made to improve the technology so as to help save precious energy and in the process money also. One outcome of our efforts is development of Scoop Controlled – Variable Speed Fluid Coupling.

In industries the deciding factor for choosing the prime mover (motor) for a machine is the power required to start the machine from standstill condition, called the starting torque, which is considerably higher – 150% to 200% of the power required to keep the machine running. In simple terms – if 3 kW power is needed to keep a machine running, for starting the same machine from standstill condition we will require a power of 5-6 kW power which ultimately, decides the rating of the motor that will run the machine, which obviously results in the wastage of precious energy. What one could wish for is the starting of motor on no-load condition, a control over the starting torque as the machine accelerates, continues declutching if required, stepless speed variation wherever needed, synchronous running of a number of motors in a multidrive system with load limiting for the safety of motor as well as of the machine… etc. ELECON’s scoop controlled – variable speed fluid coupling is an answer to fulfill this wish list.

Technical Specification
  • • ELECON make ESC series of Variable Fill Scoop Fluid Coupling provides step less speed variations when connected to a constant speed electric motor. The variation in speed is obtained by change of quantity of oil in the main circuit through scoop tube movement, sliding in & out. The available speed regulation range depends on the type of load.
  • • Mainly the ranges available are Centrifugal Loads 4:1, Constant Torque Loads 2:1, and Rising Torque Loads 1.5:1 etc., These ranges can be further extended provided operation is possible in the specified regulation range. (See Operating and Control Ranges in the catalogue).
  • • By the use of ELECON – ESC coupling customer has benefit of energy saving /cost saving.
  • • Increased service life of motor & driven machine.
  • • Saving in first cost, by allowing the use of simple squirrel cage motor in place of costly slip ring motor. This squirrel cage motor is sized for the running condition and not for starting duty as the variable speed fluid coupling allows no-load start of motor.
  • • Smooth & controlled acceleration of heavy masses from stationary to running condition which improves service life of the motor.
  • • Saving in running cost by energy saving, when the variable speed fluid coupling is used to reduce the speed of fan/pump to control the discharge instead of using dampers, vanes, valves etc. Low maintenance cost due to wear-free power transmission through hydrokinetic energy. There is mechanical separation between driving & driven equipments which protects the motor & driven machine by dampening of torsional vibrations and shock load. High control accuracy and fast reaction times. Easy to operate, robust design & long service life. Easy governing of scoop tube position by actuator or manually for speed control. The rotating mass is covered by self-supported stationary housing which does not load the motor and machine bearings. Also, no hazards of accidents. The labyrinth seal with oil seal ensures no oil leakage from shaft end. Various controls, pipe lines, sensors, etc. can be easily mounted. Suitable for various site conditions.
  • • Boiler Feed Pumps
  • • Compressors & Pumps
  • • Conveyors
  • • Crushers
  • • Ball mills etc.