Drive Soloutions

DRIVE SOLUTIONSEMPOWERED BY EMOTRON Creating a complete drive solution optimized for your process will give your industrial application the best total performance and give you peace of mind. We can deliver the engineering, automation, transformer, AC drive, motor and cabinets in an integrated solution with advanced functionality – optimized for your application, in consultation with […]

Emotron M20 Shaft Power Monitor

EMOTRON M20 SHAFT POWER MONITORYOUR SHIELD AGAINST OVERLOADS AND DAMAGE CG M20 shaft power monitor helps you save time and money. It protects your pumps and other equipment against damage and detects process inefficiency. Early warnings allow you to take preventive action. Unique features include measuring shaft power output and using the motor as a […]

Emotron TSA-SoftStarters

EMOTRON TSA-SOFT STARTERSTARTS, STOPS AND PROTECTS Emotron TSA softstarters take motor control to a new level. Soft torque starting, intelligent load monitoring and smart stops are all included and accompanied by a robust and compact design. By developing the Emotron TSA range of electronic softstarters CG has taken a major step towards the ideal motor […]

Emotron MSF 2.0 SoftStarters

EMOTRON MSF 2.0 SOFTSTARTERSMORE THAN JUST A SOFT START Whilst traditional softstarters handle the most common start challenges, CG MSF 2.0 offers a lot more. Start and sto sequences are optimized. Advanced braking techniques increase productivity. Built-in monitor functionality protects your process from inefficiency, damage and downtime. Easy installation and set-up save time and money. […]

CG Drive-SK

CG DRIVE-SKSIMPLE TO USE____COMPACTTO FIT CG DRIVE-SK is simple to install and easy to configure yet the cutting edge technology behind it makes it suitable not only for standard applications but for various complex applications too! RANGE 0.25kW to 45kW SUPPLY 200V/400VSingle phase, Dual phase, Three phase APPLICATION Variable/Constant torqueProtection class: IP20 KEY FEATURES 1. […]


EMOTRON-VSB/VSU/VSXDYNAMIC DRIVES FOR SMALL AC MOTORS Although small in size, our Emotron VSB/VSUA/SX AC drive is equipped with several advanced features. It offers great flexibility in all senses. Functionality is easily adapted to your specific application requirements. The compact format offers flexible installation and the user-friendly set-up will have your system up and running in […]

Emotron VFX 2.0 Drives

EMOTRON VFX 2.0 DRIVESFULL CONTROL WITH PRECISION The CG VFX 2.0 variable speed drive optimizes your process and prevents damage and downtime. The combination of direct torque control, accurate speed control and efficient vector braking makes it the ideal solution for all dynamic applications, such as cranes, crushers, mills, mixers and centrifuges. RANGE 0.75kW to […]

Emotron FDU 2.0 Drives

EMOTRON FDU 2.0 DRIVES FULL CONTROL AND OPTIMIZED OPERATION CG FDU helps you save energy and draw maximum efficiency from your processes. CG FDU with modular concept allows cost optimization and is a perfect choice for tailor made requirements. CG FDU offers simplicity in its most advanced form which makes it easy to program and userfriendly […]